A global-native customer service experience with Nike

Nike FuelBand

My FuelBand developed a fault this weekend – displaying the LOW MEM error code 802 for which there seems to be no remote or firmware fix.

So, according to the email support people, I’d need a new one. Either I could exchange it at a Nike shop or send them the details and they’d send me a new one.

As I work reasonably close to the Nike shop at Boxpark in Shoreditch, I thought I’d try to get it exchanged there, rather than waiting for one to be shipped.

The catch – so I thought – being that I’d bought the FuelBand in the US, at the popup store during SXSW in Austin last year. Nevertheless, it was exchanged with no fuss whatsoever.

Good to see a very physical-product-oriented manufacturer and retailer understand that people do occasionally travel from one country to another.

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