Turn Philips Hue lights on and off by room with Siri and the Home app

If you’re looking for a way to use Siri to control Philips Hue lights by room – rather than by scene or individually – Matthias Hochgatterer’s Home app does the trick.

It gives you much more control over HomeKit than the Hue app, allowing you to set up groups containing any number of lights, rooms combining these with sensors and other controls, if you have them, as well as zones containing multiple rooms. It also allows you to manage multiple homes if you’re fortunate enough to have more than one.

You’ll need to set up Siri using the Hue app first, and then open the Home app to customise things further. For example, you could set up a ‘Downstairs’ zone – and then tell Siri to turn the downstairs lights on.

As well as being able to specify rooms and zones, Home also allows you to set up more complex triggers – turn the lights off when I leave the house during hours of daylight, for example. It also includes a much more flexible Today widget and Watch app than Hue offers. Highly recommended.

via Serenity Caldwell / iMore.

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